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NMRA Achievement Program

The NMRA Achievement Program is part of the NMRA Education Department and is intended to help members become better modelers and then to get recognition for their achievements. As a 100% NMRA Club, Scale Rails is very involved in the AP programs and has members that have earned awards in all AP categories. Before earning an award, the modeler must agree to help other modelers develop their skills in the award area. If you are interested in the AP come visit us at our Depot. You can also learn more about the program by going to the NMRA web site link below.

Link to NMRA Achievement Program Web Site

Award Winning Members

Golden Spike:
Jim Beliveau
John Givan
Dick Helmick
Mike Hurlburt
Jim Morse
Bob McLaughlin
Gary Randall
Herb Schneider
Dwight Sedgwick
Howdy Veihdeffer
Mark Wilson

Electrical Engineering:
Gary Randall

Chief Dispatcher:
Dwight Sedgwick
Jim Morse
Lee Dobyns

Master Builder - Scenery:
Gary Randall

NMRA Merit Awards for the following:

Stan Seeds for:

ATSF Roundhouse, Denver
ATSF Turntable Bridge, Denver
ATSF Engine Facility, Pueblo
Descunso, Summit
Summit Depot
Cajon Depot
Sand House, San Bernardino
#8 Turnout
#8 Crossover
HO Crossing

Dennis Little for:
D&RGW Depot, Castle Rock
Down Town Castle Rock
Hart Implement, Castle Rock
Georges Standard, Castle Rock
Out Back House, South Pueblo

Skip Giddings for:
Palmer Lake Depot
Windsor Hotel, Castle Rock

Gary Randall:
George Nink:
ATSF Depot, Castle Rock
Jim Overman: Eight Sturctures, Deer Creek