Membership and How to Join


Become a Member

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in model railroading. Membership includes, in addition to fun (designing, building, and operating a Club sized layout) and fellowship, a monthly Newsletter, free Clinics, help on projects, road trips, and conventions.

Types of Memberships

Description Monthly Dues 2 Year Pledge Hold Office Vote Have Key
Founder Member $25.00 $300 (A) (B) Yes Yes Yes
Associate Member $20.00 None No No No
Student Member $10.00 None No No No

(A) Founder Members were enrolled during the 2003 Pledge Drive to purchase our building.
Pledge is $150/year for two years.

(B) Payment may be accelerated by paying $285 up front (10% discount for the 2nd year).

With all Classes of Membership you may attend Clinics, receive assistance on Projects and may assist in Layout Construction.

You are no longer required to have an active NMRA membership.


To review our By-Laws Press:


Current Club Officers

Roster of Members

Last Name, First Name

Ayers, Curt
Boone, Eric
Bordell, Mike
Broderick, Frank
Bronzo, John
Cafaro, Frank
Cameron, Jim
Coker, Flin
Cook, Steve
Culbertson, Hunter
Dahlheimer, Tom
Depaola, Steve
Dobyns, Lee
Doden, Henry
Doty, Dave
Emmerman, Steve
Esposito, Pat
Fender, David
Flash, Pat
Franchi, Matthew
Franchi, Mike

Gerlach, John
Givan, John
Grantt, Alex
Helmick, Dick - LoA
Horn, Henry
Huitema, Tim
Hurlburt, Mike
Johnson, Jerry
Johnson, Karl
Kramer, Keith
Lauerman, Bruce
Liker, Ryan - LoA
Lupo, Ed
MacRae, Elizabeth
Malcolm, Bruce
Masella, Charles
McLaughlin, Bob
Meehan, Jim
Morse, Jim
Peal, Scott
Pollina, Richard

Randall, Gary
Ruhl, Brody
Ruhl, Lynn
Salem, Robert
Schneider, Herb
Seaman, John
Sedgwick, Dwight
Sloan, Al - LoA
Slusser, Bob
Staller, Sean
Staller, Daniel
Stein, Art
Veihdeffer, Howdy
Verdonck, Bob
Vines, Robert
Watson, Robert
Wheaton, Phil
Wilson, Mark

Total - 60