Events and Projects



  1. 2023 Operating Sessions: (Jim Morse)
  2. 2023 Clinic Schedule: For next two years part of Building Technical Teams (Lee Dobyns)
  3. 2023 Holiday Train Display and Sale: (Jim Morse)

Major Projects (2023):

  1. Inspect all Shinohara turnouts for tie failures and frogs for power. Repair or replace as needed. [2023]
  2. Clean and repair scenery on HO layout as needed. [2023]
  3. Rebuild Hon3 turnouts and track in logging area. [4/2023]
  4. Make turnout and track changes in Castle Rock. [Dec 2023]
  5. Inspect LED panels for segments needing repair. [Nov 2023]
  6. Continue Facia repairs as things are removed.
  7. Convert Upper-Lower Helix detector lights to VT-5 Occupancy detectors and Arduino Mega. [May-Oct 2023]. Detectors installed and connected to test and external display panels. Software development complete. Connect to the signal system in August. Connect to the Staging auto-throw protection in Sep.
  8. Install new external display panel in Oct. At the sign printer now.

Projects Completed (2023):

  1. NMRA Golden Spike Achievement Awards to 12 Members. [1/2023]
  2. Completed San Bernardino Routes project. [3/2023]
  3. Replaced San Bernardino platform lights with LED units. [4/2023]
  4. Added bypass turnout in Pueblo. [April - 2023]
  5. Completed New Town. [April - 2023]
  6. Rebuilt Hon3 turnouts and track in logging area. [4/2023]
  7. Added dual operation turnout control in Hon3 wye turnout. [April 2023]
  8. Removing all Loconet jacks, pockets and cabling from the upper level. [5/2023]
  9. Removed old dispatching phone system.
  10. Removed dispatcher signal system.

Projects Planned (2023):

  1. Investigating new LCC standards for our layout in 2023. LCC stands for Layout Command Control and is an extension of DCC. Improving control stability. [2023]

Projects Completed (2022):

  1. Numerous members completed T-Trak modules to qualify for NMRA Golden Spike awards
  2. Installed new Turntable. [1/2022]
  3. Modified Balloon tracks and turnouts to support two sidings. Added dual signal bidge. [2/2022]
  4. Replaced broken PM42 on N Scale Layout with PSX Circuit Breakers. [6/2022]
  5. Rebuilt front San Bernardino facia. [11/30/2022]