Extended Address
CV 17 and CV18


CVs 17 and a18 make up a paired CV that defines the decoder Exended or Long address. This long address can be from 1 to 10,179. However most command stations limit this address from 1 to 9999.

Enter the desired Address below and press generate CV to calculate the values of each CV.

CV 17
Bit 7 and 6 are Zero
CV 18
All digits used

NOTE: When programming these values you must enter CV17 BEFORE CV18

Calculate CV Values:

Enter the extended address you desire and press the GENERATE button to calculate the values for each CV:

Extended Address 0 to 9999:

Reverse Calc CV Values to Extended Address:

Enter the values of CV17 and CV18 below. Each should be in the range of 0 and 255.

CV 17:  CV 18: