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Scale Rails of SW Florida Trainroom

DCC Programming
DCC programming environment

The windows program Decoder Pro (JMRI) and the hardware Sprog II are used to program and test decoders.  The Sprog II acts as a command station and programmer.  We never program on the layout.  We have a separate room for the computer and programming hardware.

DCC programming environment

Stationary Decoders:
The windows program Decoder Pro (JMRI) and the hardware locobuffer-usb are used to program and read stationary decoders (SIC-24 and SRC-16).  Also used to change CV's in the DCS100 command station.

In general the throttle can be used to program CV's but the large number of CV's in the stationary decoders and mobile sound decoders makes it difficult. Plus Decoder Pro defines the meaning of all the CV's and does all the math.  Why would you do it anyother way.

DCC programming environment

Decoder Pro:
The windows program Decoder Pro (JMRI) allows the user to work with Digitrax loconet or hardware that has USB connections.  In the picture to the right we are connected via a locobuffer-usb to the DCS100 command station.

You will notice that most of the DCC companies are listed.  Make sure you have the most up-to-date decoder files if you get a very new decoder.  JMRI updates the files frequently.  Plus it's free.

DCC programming environment

Sound Decoders:
To the right you will see the screen to program a BLI Paragon II sound decoder.  I use the Sprog II programmer for this.  The standard programming track does not work well. 
As you can see Decoder Pro breaks the CV's down by functional category.


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