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Scale Rails of SW Florida Trainroom

DCC Environment
Scale Rails is Digitrax based. Most of our members started back in the late 90's with DCC. We have expanded and grown over the years. Today with Simplex and Duplex throttles we run 25+ trains.

We have 20 amps of DCC capacity across 49 power districts. Almost all of our cars have LED lightening. Around 75% of our loco's have sound. The layout and decoders are set for NMRA Digital only operation. No DC is allowed (Address Zero).

The Command Station is set for 120 slots. Some Consists are done with a common address while others that change are done with different addresses via the MU function. Auto purge is enabled most of the time. During Operating Sessions we disable auto purge.  This stops throttles from being purged during long idle times.

Scale Rails uses two LNRP (Loconet Repeaters) to create primary and secondary loconet buses.  We have two sets of recievers for added coverage.

The primary loconet is reserved for he UR91 (Simplex) /UR92 (Duplex) receivers.

The secondary loconet is for all other devices.

This has improved our stability during large Operating Sessions.  We often run 20+ Duplex throttles and 6 Simplex throttles.

The Duplex receivers and throttles have the latest firmware updates.  This is maintained by the PR3 programmer and the DigiIPL program from Digitrax.  UT4D throttles must be returned to Digitrax for updates.  Firmware has not changed for 5 years.


       San Berdo         Summit         Denver         Colorado Springs

           Cajon           Victorville    Castle Rock     Pueblo / Staging

         B Yard          Upper Helix    Rock Island       Lower Helix

         DCS100     DB150     DB150         DB150

              !________!_______!_________! loconet





                                   !                                  !

                        Upper Level              Lower Level

                                UP5’s                         UP5’s

                                   !                                   !

                         SIC24’s (4)           SIC24’s (5), SRC16’s (4)

Scale Rails uses two LNRPs to segment the loconet to create a primary and secondary loconet. The primary loconet is for the Command Station and four receivers.

Scale Rails uses nine SIC-24s. Seven are for the signal system and two are for the triple turnouts. Programming is via loconet using Decoder Pro.

Scale Rails uses four SRC-16s routing controllers for the Staging yards. Each board can control 8 tortoises and has 8 routes. Programming is via loconet using Decoder Pro.


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