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Scale Rails of SW Florida Trainroom

We use a helix to move trains from one level to another. These windows allow us to see the train as it moves through the helix, serving as a human check against the indicator lights. As the train progresses up or down the upper helix, the train passes through important towns between Victorville and La Junta on the Santa Fe mainline, such as Barstow, CA and Lama, NM.

Operations:  The upper helix starts at the lower left corner allowing the engineer to travel from Victorville, CA to La Junta, CO.  The lower helix connects La Junta, CO to Salt Lake City, UT or Chicago, IL depending how the toggle switch is set.  The end destignation is staging.

Technical: The upper helix is 72" in diameter, 110' of track at a 2% grade.  This display panel allows engineers to see the location of trains in the upper helix (42 detectors) or lower helix (22 detectors).  The system is key in the enclosed upper helix that connects Victorville to La Junta .  The panel's yellow LEDs show train location and movement every 2.5'.  This is a simple IR based system.  A logic box drives the two sets of direction of travel lights (West, Open, East).  The also allows multiple trains to be in the helix. 


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