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Scale Rails of SW Florida Trainroom

San Bernardino
The West yard tower controls the junction of 3 SF main lines: the 1st district east over Summit to Barstow, the 2nd district west to LA via. Pomona and Pasadena, the 3rd district west to LA via. Colton, Riverside and Fullerton. West of the station the 1st district west bound track is shifted from left hand to right hand running thru crossovers all controlled by this tower. This tower also controls all west bound trains diverting them to district 2 or 3 tracks and also moves all east bound trains thru the station ready for left hand running to the “Fly Crossover”, west of Victorville. US route 66 goes west in front of the houses.

Full view of the San Bernardino AT&SF passenger station looking across the Mt. Vernon viaduct and California State Highway 82. US 66 turns west at the left end of the viaduct. As we watch, the Super Chief 100A has arrived for a 30 minute station stop.

In our view is the west ladder track for the classification freight yard. This ladder track also allows east bound trains from the 3rd district access to the station and left hand running required for east bound District 1, trains to Barstow.

The entire San Bernardino station was entirely scratch built. Wall panels were formed and cast of resin. Windows as well as detail were cast in home built molds and cast with resin.

View of east San Bernardino. All buildings are plastic kits modified with interior details and lighting.

California Local # 111 is leaving San Bernardino from station track 1 with Victorville as its destination. It will return later today.

The westbound Super Chief, number 100, is arriving on station track 4.

The east tower handles route selection to and from district 1. All decisions are relayed from the west tower which also handles all train crew communication.

As we look down the street, we can see an operating traffic light at the next intersection.

The distant blocks of the town are just a photograph which is placed behind the rear of the truck.

The track to the rear is used for storage, cleaning and preparation for the California Zephyr.  A commissary and cold storage facility are located along this track.

We can see the industrial section of San Bernardino.

Foreground: California Knits, San Bernardino Machining, REA express depot.

Background: Passenger train commissary, Ice cold storage, ATSF freight house.


Track 0 is the westbound through track to District 3. Track 1 is the westbound arrival track. Tracks 2 thru 5 are the A Yard classification tracks.

Fortunately, we get another view of the California Local, train 111, on the station track; as well as the California Zephyr as it waits in the station on track 4.

Track 1 is the eastbound through track.

Passenger train is leaving San Bernardino for Summit.

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