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Scale Rails of SW Florida Trainroom

B Yard
UP train # 114 is heading west to exit ATSF tracks in Rana Ca. 11:00 PM.

On a holding track is a special excursion train heading to a LA Rams Game early the next morning. The train will be moved to the San Bernardino station for loading at 9:00am. The train will travel west thru the 3rd district to LA.
We are escorted from the B yard office by a member of the Santa Fe's traffic department, who will accompany us on our trip. Here we can see the west end of the B yard.

Also highlighted is the reefer icing facility at San Bernardino. Tracks on both sides of the platform allow icing through express trains. Adjacent to the right track is a track for cleaning prior to new service. The facility is available directly from thru tracks leading East thru District 2 or directly from the A yard.

Looking West down the B yard, to the right is the wye run around track from B to A yards. The large building is one of the new diesel engine facilities.  The tallest black tank is filled with diesel oil. The smaller one with bunker oil, a heavier and cheaper oil. The white and silver tanks contain domestic well water for cleaning and refilling the tenders of the steam engines. A coaling tower is in right foreground.

A view of San Bernardino Roundhouse facility, including the outside yard complete with steam, air and water lines.

The power plant (the smoke stack is visible in the center background) provides medium pressure steam as required for moving cold locomotives and many cleaning chores. A speeder station is in the foreground (right). The track in front of the sand house (brown house in center of the photo) is commonly used for departures and the track above is used for arrivals to the roundhouse. Some maintenance-of-way equipment is kept on the garden tracks above the sand house to the roundhouse (above the sand house).

The tracks of the A yard and the San Bernardino station are visible in this aerial shot.

The westbound freight mainline is the far left track and leads to the B yard. The westbound passenger mainline is the outermost platform track in the center of the photo and passes by the A yard offices. The eastbound passenger mainline comes from the background and enters the platform as Track 2.

The caboose tracks for the A and B yards are visible in the center of the picture, and were recently re-laid to allow the building of the new refrigeration facility.

This new reefer icing facility at San Bernardino is visible in the rear of the photo with three tracks. The tracks on both sides of the platform allow the icing of through express trains. The track at the far left is used for cleaning empty cars prior to loading them. The facility is available directly from thru tracks leading East thru District 2 or directly from the A yard.

The real icing platforms in San Bernardino were mechanically-operated loaders. Due to the complexity of modeling those loaders, this icing station is one with manually-loading icing platforms.

For a description of how the icing process worked, when and why cars were iced visit: http://www.atsfrr.com/resources/Sandifer/Clinics/SFRD/3.htm


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