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As a 100% club, we encourage members to build models for the layout and submit them to be judged in the NMRA’s Achievement Program. While many members have award winning models on their home layouts, the following 14 models are on the Club layout and available for viewing:
In Denver there is a scratch built roundhouse being installed which won a Merit Award.
Servicing the roundhouse is a scratch built turntable with great detail that is also a merit Award winner.
Leaving Denver you travel to Castle Rock. The first award winner here is the Hotel Windsor, which is a kit, but none the less has been awarded a Merit Award for its workmanship and detail.
Next we come to the Denver and Rio Grande RR Depot, which is scratch built and is a Merit award winner.
Past the DRGW depot we come to the downtown Castle Rock area. This city block, with the signature ‘castle’ rock topped mountain in the background, is all scratch built and is a Merit awards/award winner.
Past downtown Castle Rock is the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe RR depot. This is another example of a kit building built with such skill and care that it won a Merit Award.
The Merit Award gas station in Castle Rock was also scratch built, with complete details inside.
Leaving Castle Rock we next arrive in Palmer Lake. The ATSF depot here was scratch built and received a Merit Award.
Passing through Colorado Springs to arrive in Pueblo, Colorado. Here you will see an ATSF diesel engine service facility which was awarded a Merit Award.
On the upper level of the layout, starting at the San Bernardino engine service facilities area, you can see a sand house used to load sand into the locomotives. This scratch built structure received a Merit Award.
In Summit, the entire Summit Scene has been awarded a Prototype Achievement Certificate for achievement of a true representation of the way the actual railroad scene looked at the time the model captured.
In addition to the Achievement Certificate, there are two separate, scratch built Merit Award models here at Summit. The first is the ATSF depot.
The other is a turn of the century funeral trolley car which had been hauled to Summit to serve as a station agent’s living quarters.

The E-Depot

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