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Talk with Jim Morse if you want to see a certain clinic or want to give a clinic.

Project updates:

Staging: Removal of the old C Yard staging was completed in the late Spring. Design of the new C and D Yards were completed in June. Route design was completed in June. Many turnouts are being built. Modifications to track and turnouts were completed for D Yard in August. The C Yard Return track loop was completed in August. Sections 1-4 were completed for C Yard out on the tables.  Then the electronics got turned upside down. Team Digital stopped building all routing controllers in July after we bought 6 boards in May. Decision was made to use a very old approach for routing (Diode Matrix with Push Button and Turnout latching driver blocks). At the end of the day it will work the same. It requires over 420 diodes to accomplish what was done in software on a computer screen. All four modules were completed with feeders and occupancy detectors in October.  The diode matrix panel was completed and installed in November. Testing was completed on the Occupancy detectors in November. Track testing was completed.  All four modules are connected, wired and electrically tested and installed under Pubelo.

D Yard panel was installed in January.  Wiring complete.  Testing Routes and Occupancy now.  Last is to install the custom Helix auto-throw controller.

C Yard panel is back from graphics.  Frame built and stained.  All parts added to the panel.  Wiring ribbon cables now.
Upcoming Events
Operating sessions: Planning 2019  (Bob Slusser)

2019 Clinic Schedule: Jan 2019 (Jim Morse)

Scale Rails Train Show  Feb 9-10, 2019 (Jim Morse, Jim Edmier)

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