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Recent Events

Three clinics were completed in winter 2017.  Talk with Jim Morse if you want to see a certain clinic or want to give a clinic.

Project updates:
The narrow gauge peninsula expansion project is 80% complete.  Majorty of the mountain and rock work are complete.  Checkout the HOn3 gallery for a time progression.

LED lighting project.  Finished the lower level in December 2017.  Now prototyping the design and light spacing for the upper level.  Expect to finish final prototype in June 2017.  Team will build 18 panels during the smmer and install in early fall.  Victorville and Summit are the first areas to complete.

Signal system.  Found that over 10 years many areas of the system were not working correctly.  All repairs and additions will be complete in June 2017.
Upcoming Events
Operating sessions: Planning 2018  (Bob Slusser)

Train Show:  Feb 17-18, 2018 (Jim Edmier and Jim Morse)

2018 Clinic Schedule: Feb 2017 (Jim Morse)

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