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Hours Open to the Public
1. Scale Rails is open Tuesday and Saturday 10am - 2pm.
2. Scale Rails will no longer be open to the public on Thursdays.  Club members are encouraged to come in as before and work on projects.  This will also become good day for Operating Sessions.  The doors will be open.  Visitors will not be turned away but members may not have time to answer  questions.
Scale Rails Elections
Jim, Jim and Bob continue as board members.  Jim Morse has the role of President.  Jim Edmier will continue as Chairman.  Bob Slusser will be Vice President.
Operating Sessions
Operating Sessions being planned for 2020.
Train Shows
Scale Rails completed a successful Train Show in February 2019.  We had over 1000 guests.  The show had four running layouts.  Over 91 vendor tables with 39 vendors.  Many guests also toured the Depot to see the main Scale Rails layout.

Next Scale Rails Annual Train Show is Feb 15-16, 2020 at Araba Shrine Temple in Ft Myers.

Winter Clinics
Every winter Scale Rails of South West Florida conducts clinics which are open to the Public. These clinics are held at our clubhouse, the Depot, starting at 10:00am and lasting about 1 hour on Saturdays, and are free of charge. Clinics, which are conducted by club members, cover many elements of model railroading and are intended to introduce people to some techniques for doing various aspects of modeling. Many of our members got their start by attending these clinics. 
2020 Clinic schedule
Date Presenter Topic

Major Projects planned for 2019

  1. Added many LED lights to N scale layout.
  2. Completed D Yard staging 2/15, C Yard 3/26 and Plexiglass covers in June.
  3. Added Raspberry PI Wi-Fi Throttle system.  Apr
  4. Removed existing door for Dispatcher room and opened rear door into N Scale area, relocated throttles and chargers to outside wall and changed corner wall shape. May
  5. Cleaned Dispatcher room, scraped obsolete equipment, got cabinets back into room.  Aug
  6. Added boxes and wiring for Duplex Receivers to mount on ceiling. June
  7. Added custom mount for Samsung Tablet in Victorville area. June
  8. Added power district to Denver Yard.  Improved Mainline and Track 1 siding.  Aug
  9. Moved 3 ceiling light controls to area below AC controls.  Sep
  10. Replaced failing SIC-24's with Arduino Mega to operate 2 triple turnouts in RI.  Oct
  11. Completed Major Project Planning for 2020 and 2021. Oct
  12. Updated 14 UT4D throttles to latest firmware versions. Nov
  13. Project approved to replace failing SIC24 signal controllers with Arduino Mega's. Oct
  14. Completed design and code development for layout signaling improvements.  Nov
  15. Signaling upgrade project runs from Nov 2019 to Nov 2020.
  16. Develop project plan to improved building lighting (HO, Hon3, N).  Nov (Design)
  17. Complete New Town in Lower Helix.  2019
  18. Evaluating ESU Cab Controlleld Wi-Fi throttle system.  2019
  19. Develop project plan for Upper Level Re-Phase.  Jan 2020
  20. Develop project plan for San Bernardino operational improvements.  Dec (Design)
  21. Investigate AC ducts in main room for leaks.  (Dec)


December 14 General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

January 11, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

February 8, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

March 14, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

April 11, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am 

May 9, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

June 13, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

July 11, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

August 8, General Club Meeting,The Depot, time 11:00am

September 12, General Club Meeting,The Depot, time 11:00am

October 11, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

November 14, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am
N-Scale Layout
The Club has finished rebuilding our N-scale modular layout so that it meets NTRACK standards and is located in the front room of the Depot. Check out all the lights on the layout.  Two new modules are underway.  Will also install three new scene lighting modules.

The E-Depot

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