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Hours Open to the Public
1. Scale Rails is open Tuesday and Saturday 10am - 2pm.
2. Scale Rails will no longer be open to the public on Thursdays.  Club members are encouraged to come in as before and work on projects.  This will also become good day for Operating Sessions.  The doors will be open.  Visitors will not be turned away but members may not have time to answer  questions.
3. See COVID guidelines below.
Scale Rails Elections
Jim Morse - President,   Robert Salem - Board Member,  Bob Slusser - Chairman,  Dwight Sedgwick  - Treasurer, Richard Polina - Secretary
Covid Precautions

The following precautions are being instituted for the time being:

  1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can forgo their masks and social distancing indoors.  It's always advised to have all relevant vaccines and boosters.

  2. Visitors must have all appropriate COVID vaccines; otherwise a mask must be worn.

Operating Sessions
Contact Mark Wilson or Steve Depaola if you have questions.  Operating Sessions will be held most Monday nights from 6-8:30pm.
Building Technical Teams
The club is working to identify key areas of mechnical, electrical and electronic needs to support our layouts.  The goal is to staff each team and assign a leader(s).  We hope to have the list complete by 8/1/2021.  In some cases we have the technical needs covered.  In others we will need to build the knowledge through detailed training.  August will start the growth of activities.  We expect that Mondays and Wednesdays will be set aside for major projects and training.  This may mean that Operating Sessions might move to Wednesday night.  Still Planning.  Questions? Email
2021 Technical Team Activities
Team Leader Description
Club Sales Bruce Lauerman Managing Donations
eBay Sales Steve Depaola Selling items on eBay
Shows Jim Morse Plan shows and exhibits
Track and Turnouts Bob Watson/Lee Dobyns Install track, turnouts and ballast
Clean Track Richard Polina Weekly
Repair Rolling Stock Bob Salem As needed
Clean Rolling Stock Wheels Bob Salem Weekly
Repair LED Light Panels Richard Polina 1-2 per year
Building Repairs Steve Depaola 1262 Piney Building repairs
Lighting in Layout Buildings Tom Hahlheimer Upgrade buidings
Service Loco's Bob Salem Maintain locomotives
Scenery Mark Wilson New and repair
Digitrax Duplex and Raspberry Pi Bob Salem Wireless throttles
Control Panels Herb Schneider Build new and repair panels
Signal System Keith Kramer Support Arduino controllers
Staging Routing Controller Keith Kramer Support diode matrix system
Staging and Signals Block detectors Keith Kramer Support DBD22's
Staging Auto Throw Turnouts Keith Kramer Custom TTL logic
Staging Rolling Block Controller Keith Kramer Support Arduino controller
April 8, General Club Meeting, The Depot

May 13, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

June 10, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

July 8, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

August 12, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00

September 9, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

October 14, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

November 11, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

December 09, General Club Meeting, The Depot, time 11:00am

January 13, General Club Meeting, The Depot

February 10, General Club Meeting, The Depot

March 09, General Club Meeting, The Depot
N-Scale Layout
The Club has finished rebuilding our N-scale modular layout so that it meets NTRACK standards and is located in the front room of the Depot. Check out all the lights on the layout.  Two new modules installed.  Will also install three new scene lighting modules.

The E-Depot

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